Friday, 11 February 2011

That fork in the road...

I'm still here - managed to lose my pic, though.  Reviews will continue over here, and crafts-and-randomness has started over there - .

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Fork in the Road...

Normal service to be resumed here shortly - meanwhile, look out for my new blog, all about crafts, how-to's, thoughts and other Random Stuff.

The Northern Quarter

Manchester's Northern Quarter is coming alive.  There are so many fantastic arty places there, now), it's practically buzzing.  Yeh, still the odd paraffin lamp*, so a biddy like me hasta keep moving.
* Paraffin lamp + tramp.

Changing direction without a compass...

No, not the title of a new book, but the state I'm in at the mo'.
OK... I've been thinking for a while that, whilst I adore reading and writing (not arithmetic, though), book reviews are not the only thing this blog should be good for.
In the past year or so I've been bitten (nay, infested) by the craft bug.  I've taken up crochet again after a huge hiatus, and, thanks to the excellent I am exploring new techniques and materials.  Thrift, recycling and eco-friendly are all making sense, now.  This in turn has led to my trawling the charity shops for yarn, beads, buttons and fabric.  Ah, fabric... my sewing machine has finally seen the light of day!  Abakhan has become one of my favourite shops (I love their 'remainder' bins), and my typing chair is gradually being pushed forward by all the 'stuff' I've been squirrelling away.  Is that my age?  Ha har - maybe I'm now a material girl.
So, chaps and chapesses, watch this space for more of this metamorphosis.