Monday, 14 March 2011

The Jane Austen Handbook

I'm no history buff. I never read any Jane Austen books and so am not qualified to comment on the accuracies of this book - however I feel that the language used is just shy of the mark - like a slipping accent - every so often a word or phrase is dropped in that seems incongruous.  I am fairly sure that Ms Austen did not talk about downtime, and that the phrase 'Small Beer and Skittles' does not exist.  Small Beer, yes.  Beer and Skittles, yes, but never the two combined.  That said, I reckon it would be a handy book to have if one needs to 'cram' for an english exam, or if simply interested in the ways of that period.  Just don't quote directly from it.  There.  Now the author will hate me.

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