Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Heinz Squeeze and Stir Soup

This is a new one on me.  Remember the powdered soup-in-a-sachet that all too often tasted, well, powdery?
I spotted this in Iceland – 59p, if I remember correctly.  Shame they only had two flavours, and as I hate anyone’s tomato soup, I chose this one – Chicken and Vegetable.
It’s in a sturdy sachet (I had to cut it open, tho’ it does have a tear strip at the top).  It’s about the size of a toothpaste tube.  It’s lightweight (70g), and will easily fit into a handbag, pocket or briefcase
It doesn’t need refrigerating, either.  It’s low fat, if that’s your thing - 102 Cal’s in all.
It’s easy to make – boil the kettle, squeeze the paste into a mug, add a little of the hot water, stir, add more water to fill the mug, and stir again.  It’s that easy.
What does it taste like?
Just like a tinned soup – only very, very portable.  That’s got to be better in roadmiles, surely?
Worth a try, I’d say.

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