Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review - Tell My Mother I'm Not Dead by Trevor Hamilton

A Case Study in Mediumship Research.

Imperial Academic £8.95

Well, this was a tale and a half.  The author lost his son in a car accident, and spent years trying to get in touch with him via various mediums, in a very logical and methodical way.
Sessions were recorded, notes written, and care taken to ensure nothing was given away.  Much research was done, also - the bibliography is not brief and promises fascinating reading.
The results were surprising.  I have an open mind, but I can usually tell when someone is pulling the wool, and it appeared to me that there right in front of him was overwhelming evidence of the soul's survival after death.
Mr Hamilton, however, was not such a pushover and continued almost to deny any possibility, despite all these happenings which could not be explained in any other way.
This is not a dramatic book.  In fact, it's quite scientific and unbiased.  It is simply his search for evidence of life after death.  I reckon he found it.

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