Thursday, 23 January 2014

Review: Death Must Go On - Mac Fletcher

It's the mid-1950s and the scene is set in a sleepy little village. An undertaker, a pharmacist, a solicitor, a pub landlord and a reluctant doctor are plotting the deaths of a handful of elderly residents. 
All in a good cause: to boost the motley crew's retirement fund. A death occurs sooner than planned, and word of the scheme gets out, leaving the gang with apparently no choice but to ensure that death must go on. 
This rollicking story is a tad off the wall at times, but I found it to be quite the page-turner and nowhere near as gruesome as I'd feared. The story wraps up nicely with the baddies punished and the innocent, the remorseful and the downright daft all dealt with neatly.
I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and am looking forward to the next book from this author.

This is on Kindle for under £2.00

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