Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Book Review - Baby Star Signs

Baby Star Signs

Chrissie Blaze

O Books ISBN 978-1-84694-124-5

Wow! Chrissie has come up with yet another brilliant paperback. If you’re the proud parent of a small human, then this is surely a book to consider. All babes are not the same, and a Libra child will be entirely different from an Aries one. Armed with this book, your approach to care can be tailored accordingly – understanding your little one’s nature makes it so much easier to nurture, doesn’t it?

The book details each star sign, giving an overall view of each, as well as a ‘survival guide’ taking you thro’ to toddlerhood, including eating, sleeping, motor skills, language, learning, and socialisation. There is even a lunar calendar covering the years 2000-2020, so you can work out your little ‘un’s Moon sign. Moon and mood go hand in hand so I would say this latter is a very important consideration.

Chrissie also includes references to other points in your child’s birth-chart, and talks about his or her destiny, as well as paying particular attention to Indigo children. All in all, a fantastic book. There aren’t enough astrology books around which are aimed at parents, and I love this one. This would make a lovely gift, too.

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