Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Book Review A Question for Jesus

Review A Question for Jesus

This is another offering from Ms Rinar - the last being 'Journey Home', I think. This lady claims to channel Jesus - he is said to occupy her body as she communicates with him.
I'm sorry, but whilst I have absolute faith in the afterlife I find this lady's account very hard to believe.
'Jesus' recounts parts of his life, and answers questions she and some of her group put to him (hence the title). In several instances 'Jesus' either tells or shows her that the bible is incorrect. Now that I can live with - after all it was written a long time after his death, wasn't it?
What takes credibility away for me is that she also claims to channel or communicate with Pegasus, unicorns, Zeus, Apollo and more. None of these can be verified.
To give Ms Rinar her due, she did get herself checked out by a head-doctor, and I honestly believe her intentions are honourable - but I find myself wanting to take this tale with a huge pinch (nay, a whole pillar) of salt.

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