Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Book Review - Feng Shui Life Coach

Simon Brown

144 pages

ISBN 978-1-84181-343-1


Octopus Books

Another Feng Shui book? Yes, but this one is different, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a life-coach book in that it helps you identify and then aim towards your life goals, with the help of Feng Shui.

Most people understand the concept of Feng Shui – that they change the layout of their environment and their lives improve automatically. That on its own may seem a little vague and unfocussed, and this new book addresses that.

The author’s suggested approach is first to decide what it is you’d like to change about your life, then work out what internal (personal) changes you’d need to make in order to achieve what you want. Once you’ve defined your goals, find how Feng Shui will help you to get there then implement those environmental changes and see what happens. That’s the basic premise, but as the book reveals, there are many parts to it. Intuition, energy-sensing, working with the Sun and the Moon as well as (of course) the eight directions and the use of colours, shapes, plants, lighting and space all combine to get the final result.

It’s an easy read – and the author recommends reading the book quickly right through without analysing before you start making changes, just to get the hang of the concept.

Chapters – there are only four, but they contain all you need to know to get started: understanding life coaching, understanding energy, Feng Shui life-coaching tools, and finally room make-overs with eight-directional energy.

The glossary is brief, and has only around twenty entries, although the index is four pages long, and quite comprehensive. I liked the idea of ‘automatic leaning’ but was disappointed to discover that it was a typo…

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone interested in self-improvement.

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