Tuesday, 9 February 2010

OK - as no-one's watching, I can say what I like.
Seriously, though... reviews will be going on my blog from now on, plus some news (snoresville).
Most recent is that we're planning next year's hols already - not the ol' run-of-the-mill flight-plus-two-weeks, but we're going a bit more green and taking the train thro' Europe.
Not sure when... but any tips from travelco's will be most welcome.
We've just had a magpie in the garden, shouting at a squirrel, who was, in turn, being stalked by an ambitious tabby.
I leapt to the door (well, not quite) and yelled at all three of them.
Our neighbours must think I'm mental.
I'm getting good at opening the door with a flourish (most people use the handle...).
More soon!


Unknown said...

I`m watching !!!

Unknown said...

By the way, where would I buy a flourish then? Sounds like a really cool way to behave, and to heck with the neighbours and their unending opinions!

Anne x