Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Product review - The Qu Chi Band

Qu Chi Band

Drug-free hayfever relief – and more!

OK, this sounds like a designer accessory for a baby, but it’s something completely different.

Remember the acupressure wrist band for travel sickness? Well, this is a band for hayfever and more. Designed by a leading acupuncturist, it’s clinically proven to help allergic rhinitis, sinus, skin and eye problems, headaches, tiredness, lack of concentration…and pain in the elbow and shoulder. For those acupressure aficionados/as the point concerned lies on the large intestine meridian and acts to draw energy away from the face.

When I was given the option to try one of these stylish bands, I jumped at the chance. Although I don’t suffer from hayfever myself, two in our household do, so an opportunity to test it out and silence the sneezing seemed to good to miss…

However, so far, it’s just a friend and I who have used it, though. Why?

I nabbed one to wear overnight as I’ve been plagued for years with a painful shoulder, which usually wakes me, and I gave the other to a friend who has M.E. as well as hayfever. The following day I got an excited text from her – she’d not taken her hayfever med’s that day, and had managed to walk thro’ a new-mown meadow without so much as a sneeze. She also added that it helped stop snoring. She didn’t say who the culprit was…

The band stayed put while I slept, and I had a fairly comfortable night, but the point felt slightly tender the next morning - like I’d just had a blood test.

The Qu Chi point became more painful after a couple of wears and by the third night I was unable to wear it. It was too small for either sneezing son or hayfever-ridden hubby so we don’t know if it would have worked on them.

I also felt that the instructions – at least the diagram – could have been clearer, and it isn’t stated how long to wear it for. So far it only comes in two colours – beige and pink – and two sizes (beige is bigger).

I put these concerns to the company, and they told me that the band will stretch and be more comfortable after a few wears. It can be left around something larger to stretch it, too. The manufacturers are planning to release a larger size as well as one for children. It can be worn for as long as required – if this means 24 hours at a stretch then that’s OK. It’s washable, and can be worn when swimming.

What about finding the right point? Easy-peasy, say the makers – simply put the band on as the picture suggests, and if relief is not fairly immediate, then move it slightly until you see a difference.

All in all a brilliant concept, and certainly worth a try for a drug-free solution to hayfever. I don’t intend to part with mine, and will certainly be giving it another go.

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