Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Book Review The Little Book of Spirit Readings

The Little Book of Spirit Readings

Collette Star

O Books ISBN 978-1-84694-158-0 £9.99

According to the bumph on the back of the book, this was to be un-put-downable. Sceptic that I am (as far as PR is concerned), I started to flip through its pages. The first thing which struck me was that this lady seems to write as she speaks – and she speaks as many mediums do, which is almost like an open tap.

This I can quite understand. Once the spirit messages start to come through, you just have to deliver ‘em. Having said all that, I soon got used to Collette’s style – and I honestly couldn’t put it down. She offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of a medium. How frustrating that we only get a little peep into these peoples’ lives. It left me wanting more. When’s the next one out?

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