Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Book Review - Life Without Panic Attacks

Author Nicola Quinn

DragonRising books, ISBN 978-1-873483-95-4

This paperback introduces a concept I’ve never heard of – EmoTrance, which sounds like something you’d come across in a dodgy night club – but more of that in a mo’. Anyone who has suffered this crippling condition will surely welcome advice – and even a cure – from someone who has been there, and got the t-shirt. However, I did spot some typo’s and grammar gaffs, and it comes across as quite American. The large print and shouty bits (cap’s) as well as a slippy cover don’t help, either, but that said, this energy therapy technique involved seems like it could well work. It looks similar to TFT – thought field therapy – where clients are taught to tap acupressure points in order to calm themselves down, and get over mental blocks. It’s eminently readable, and the author attacks the problem on many fronts. I would say that it’s definitely worth a try.

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