Thursday, 11 February 2010

Book Review - Reality Transurfing, A Rustle of Morning Stars

Reality Transurfing. 2. A Rustle of Morning Stars
Vadim Zeland
O Books
ISBN 978-1-84694-131-3

This bizarrely-titled book could, I’m sure, become a phenomenon, in the same way that cosmic ordering did.

It’s all about swinging the balance in your favour – but in a nice way. Finding your own true goals is the key, and chasing someone else’s dreams will get you nowhere.

The trick is to quiet your busy and interfering mind, and listen to your downtrodden soul.

It’s not the lightest of reading, and the fact that it has been translated into English does show a little, but it is written in a friendly narrative style, and the author does put his message across in a way that can be understood.

If your resolution this year is to move towards your life goal – something that will make your soul sing – then this may well be the first step.

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