Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Book Review - Healing Your Spine

Author - Stefan Rippel

O Books ISBN 978-1-84694-137-5

Many of us suffer from back pain, and it can be a vicious circle of being out of balance.

Is there help? Well, of course there is. Painkillers, investigations, posture changes, acupuncture, physiotherapy, special chairs and more – but what will work in the long run? Qualified massage therapist and hands-on healer Stefan Rippel goes into meticulous detail, taking the reader through the spine’s growth and anatomy at cellular level, but getting fairly quickly to physical causes, and then how emotions – and the brain itself - play a part.
For example, did you know that as emotions and thoughts pass directly from the brain to the spine – affecting posture as a result?

Different approaches are discussed, including visualisation, exercises, and much more, in this quite readable book.

This, surely is what whole-istic – holistic – healing is all about. Certainly worth a look.

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